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Replacement Windows & Door Installation Services Offered By Window Service Houston

At Window Service Houston, our expert team offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to your replacement window and door needs. From window repair to door replacement, our services enhance both residential and commercial properties’ appeal and functionality in the Houston area.

Houston Window Installation

Our Houston window replacement team excels in window installation for various properties. Our services range from installing casement windows to bay, double-hung, and bow windows, always ensuring high-quality materials for long-lasting results. Our crew is dedicated to providing expert installation services that improve energy efficiency and curb appeal, making us a frequently requested service in Houston.

Houston Window Replacement

In need of a window repair or upgrade? Our team specializes in providing tailored window replacement solutions that cater to your property's unique needs. We handle a wide array of windows, from casement to bay and double-hung to bow, ensuring the best fit for your property. Our cost-effective and time-efficient services have earned us stellar reviews and a loyal customer base in Houston.

Houston Door Installation

Our door installation services cater to both residential and commercial properties in Houston, Texas. Our experts specialize in installing a diverse array of door types, from patio doors to sliding glass doors and French doors. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction make our service stand out. Get a free estimate for your project and experience our top-tier service today.

Houston Door Replacement

Enhance your property's aesthetics and security with our door replacement services. Whether you require entry doors, patio doors, sliding glass doors, or French door replacements, our professional crew ensures a smooth process. Our experts will help you select the perfect door that complements your property and fits within your budget, making us the go-to service for door replacement in Houston.

About Window Service Houston: Your Trusted Window Replacement Company in Houston, TX

Window Service Houston, a prominent name among window replacement companies in Houston, TX, had a humble beginning as a small, family-owned and operated business. Our focus has always been on providing exceptional window and door solutions, including custom window installations and exterior doors. Over the years, we have grown and evolved, working with a dozen brands like America’s choice windows and Andersen Corporation. Despite this growth, our commitment to maintaining strong family values and building lasting relationships with home owners has remained steadfast.

Being Houston window experts, we know the many ways in which windows can enhance your home. Whether you’re considering bay windows, sliding glass doors, or simply better windows to replace old ones, we’re here to offer top-notch home services to meet your needs.

Our Expert Team: Professional Window Installers in Houston, Texas

Our expert team of professional window installers is the backbone of our success. Comprised of the best people in the industry, our staff has years of experience replacing outdated windows, installing new windows, and even handling broken glass. They work diligently to stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in window and door technology, such as energy-efficient options endorsed by the Green Building Council.

When it comes to finding the right window or one window that makes all the difference, our team offers free quotes and ensures that every window is properly installed. Their in-depth knowledge and friendly demeanor allow them to guide our clients seamlessly through the entire process, from the moment you contact us today to schedule your free consultation, to the final installation.

Areas We Serve Our Window & Door Services

We proudly serve Houston and its surrounding areas, including:

  • West University Place, TX
  • Bellaire, TX
  • Jacinto City, TX
  • Galena Park, TX
  • South Houston, TX
  • Pasadena, TX

Windows and Doors Brands

Why choose Our
Replacement Windows in Houston, Texas?

At Window Replacement Houston TX & Door Installation Services, our company’s mission is to prioritize quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing for all your window and door needs in the Texas area. Our Houston window experts have consistently received positive reviews, making us a top choice in the industry. Here’s why we are the best:

Installation Expertise You Can Trust in Your Texas Homes

Our team of professionals has years of experience in window replacement and door installations, providing top-notch window and door services to both residential and commercial customers in Houston and its surrounding areas. From the initial quote request to the final fix, our experts are skilled in handling recently requested projects, ensuring exceptional results, and delivering outstanding response to the owner's specific needs.

Premium Quality Materials of Windows

We use only high-quality materials for all our Houston window and door installations and replacements, ensuring durability, energy efficiency, and lasting performance. By choosing our company, you can trust the window experts' reviews, confident that your property will receive the best replacement windows and other products available in Houston, Texas.

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

Our primary goal is to provide unmatched customer satisfaction. Our team of Houston window experts pays attention to detail, diligently repairs, and fixes to exceed expectations. By reviewing our clients' needs, we are committed to offering a smooth and stress-free experience from the quote request to completion.

Affordable Pricing Options for Windows & Doors

We offer competitive pricing on all our window installation and door services without compromising quality. Our team in Houston, Texas, will assess your needs, provide a detailed cost guide, and work within your budget to deliver the best value for your investment in replacement windows and repair services.

No Obligation Free Estimates
in Houston, Texas

Our company provides free, no-obligation estimates to help you make an informed decision about your window and door needs in Houston. After assessing your property, our window experts provide a detailed quote, responding promptly to your request and allowing you to weigh options without pressure.

Efficient Windows & Door Replacement Services

Understanding the importance of timely service, our team works diligently to complete your project promptly in Houston, Texas. We ensure that your window installation and door replacements are carried out efficiently, respecting your time and budget without sacrificing the quality of replacement windows.

Improved Energy Efficiency of Windows

By choosing us for your window replacement and door installation needs in Houston, you'll benefit from improved energy efficiency. Our recently requested services have helped many property owners reduce energy costs, reflecting our commitment to quality work and the expertise our customers have come to expect.

Local Knowledge & Expert Window Installers

Our team of window experts is well-versed in Houston's specific requirements and challenges. By understanding the unique needs of our local customers, including siding options and other elements, you can be confident in our company's local knowledge and expertise when requesting a quote or reviewing our services.

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The Company's Window Replacement and Door Installation Process

At Window Service Houston, we’re more than just a business offering window and door solutions. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience for your window replacement and door installation needs. From initial consultation to post-installation inspection, our team works diligently, considering your preferences, budget, and unique property requirements, to deliver outstanding results.

The first step towards transforming your home begins with a personalized consultation. Here, our team of Houston window experts engages in a detailed discussion about your style preferences, budget, and any unique requirements that your property might have. This ensures that our proposed solution aligns perfectly with your vision for your home windows and doors.

Next, we conduct a meticulous on-site assessment. Our experts take into account various factors, such as potential improvements in energy efficiency, increased security, and enhanced aesthetics, to determine the most appropriate window and door options for your home in Houston.

After we’ve gathered all the necessary information, it’s time for the exciting part – product selection. Based on the assessment and your specific desires, we guide you in selecting the right replacement windows and doors. Our wide selection of high-quality products ensures a perfect match for your Houston home, both in function and style.

To ensure a smooth, hassle-free process, our team prepares a comprehensive installation plan. This outlines all the necessary steps, the estimated timeline, and any preparatory work required, whether it’s for a window installation or a door setup. Our detailed plan guarantees a transparent process, giving you peace of mind.

Installation day arrives, and our skilled technicians execute the plan with precision. Whether replacing windows or installing patio doors, we adhere to industry best practices and use top-tier products. This ensures a perfect fit and longevity, promising lasting performance and satisfaction for every homeowner in Texas.

Quality assurance is a crucial part of our service. That’s why our team conducts a thorough post-installation inspection, verifying that your newly installed windows and doors function correctly and meet your expectations. With our commitment to excellence, we aim for nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

Window and Door Replacements Available at Window Service Houston

Single Hung Windows: A Classic Choice for Window Replacement in Houston, TX

When it comes to window replacement in Houston, Texas, Single Hung windows remain a classic and affordable choice. They are perfect for homeowners in Houston who want to maintain a traditional appearance while enjoying modern benefits. Window Service Houston specializes in single hung window installation and replacement windows. Unlike double pane windows, they have only one movable sash, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Double Hung Windows: Versatility and Comfort in Houston Window Replacement

Double hung windows offer two movable sashes, providing more ventilation options and easier cleaning. These windows are excellent for bedrooms and living areas in Houston, where comfort level is essential. At Window Service Houston, our free consultation can help you explore how double hung windows can enhance your entire home through window installation or window replacement.

Casement Windows: Fresh Air with a Crank in Houston, TX

If you’re in Houston, Texas, and thinking about window replacement, casement windows are a strong option. They provide homeowners with an unobstructed view and open outward for maximum ventilation. Window Service Houston offers these in various materials like vinyl and aluminum, perfect for the humid Houston climate. Houston window installation and replacement services are available for casement windows as well.

Awning Windows: Ventilation Even in Houston’s Rain

Awning windows are a unique choice for door and window replacement in the greater Houston area. Similar to casement windows, but they open outward from the top, allowing for ventilation even during our frequent rainstorms in Houston, Texas. Window Service Houston is your go-to for both window and door installation or replacement in Houston.

Sliding Windows and Doors: Easy Operation in Houston

Sliding windows and sliding doors are a perfect, easy-to-operate option for Houston homeowners. They slide horizontally and provide a wide, unobstructed view. At Window Service Houston, we specialize in both window and door installation, assisting you in selecting the right replacement windows and replacement doors that meet your needs.

Picture Windows: Frame the View in Houston, TX

For those in Houston seeking window installation to capture a beautiful outside view, picture windows are an excellent choice. Offered by Window Service Houston, they provide plenty of natural light and a panorama of the outside world. These are ideal options when considering window replacement in Houston.

Bay and Bow Windows: Expand Your Space in Houston, Texas

If you’re looking to add some interior space and exterior flair through window replacement or door replacement, bay and bow windows are the best options in Houston. Provided by Window Service Houston, they protrude from the wall and create a cozy, sunlit area inside your home. Often, these are custom window types that require a bit more planning, but the results in Houston are always stunning.

Material Choices for Window Replacement in Houston, TX by Window Service Houston

When it comes to window and door replacement in Houston, Texas, selecting the right material is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality. Here are some top recommendations from Window Service Houston.

Vinyl Windows in Houston: Cost-Effective Window Replacement and Durable Doors

Vinyl windows are highly recommended by Window Service Houston for their durability, low maintenance requirements, and window replacement affordability. Excellent for energy efficiency, these windows are a crucial factor in the hot Houston, TX climate. Vinyl also serves as an excellent material for door replacement, offering the same benefits of energy efficiency and durability.

Wood Windows: Traditional Beauty and Historic Door Replacement in Houston

Wooden windows and doors offer a classic, elegant look and excellent insulation properties. However, they require more maintenance compared to vinyl options, making them suitable for historic homes in Houston, Texas, where preserving the original architecture is essential. If you’re considering window or door replacement in a historic home, wood is an excellent choice.

Aluminum Windows: Strength, Modernity, and Door Installation in Houston

Aluminum windows and doors are robust, lightweight, and modern—perfect for large window frames in Houston. They offer a slim profile, ideal for maximizing your view and are resistant to the harsh weather conditions often found in Houston, Texas. Window installation Houston services often recommend aluminum for its versatility and durability.

Fiberglass and Composite Windows: The Best of Both Worlds for Window and Door Replacement in Houston

These windows and doors combine the strength and durability of aluminum with the insulation benefits of wood. They are an excellent choice for versatile window replacement and door replacement options in Houston, Texas. Fiberglass and composite materials can also be a viable alternative to traditional materials if you’re considering window installation or door installation in Houston. While Window Service Houston primarily operates in Houston, TX. Whether it’s Houston window installation, Houston window replacement, Houston door installation, or Houston door replacement you’re looking for, Window Service Houston has you covered.

Energy Efficiency for Window Replacement in Houston, TX

Low-E Glass Windows: Lower Your Energy Bills in Houston, Texas

Low-E, or low-emissivity glass, reflects heat, making these windows indispensable for keeping your Houston home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This window replacement option is crucial for managing your energy bill, especially in Houston’s hot and humid climate. At Window Service Houston, we specialize in the installation of Low-E glass windows, offering you both energy savings and comfort.

Argon Gas Filled Windows and Doors: Improve Thermal Efficiency in Houston, TX

Argon gas is often used to fill the space between double or triple pane windows and doors. This inert gas enhances thermal efficiency, thus offering better insulation and energy savings. Window Service Houston provides argon gas-filled window and door replacement options for your Houston home, ensuring your comfort all year round.

Triple Pane and Double Pane Windows: Insulation Masters in Houston

When it comes to window replacement in Houston, triple pane windows provide the highest level of insulation but come at a higher cost. Double pane windows, on the other hand, offer excellent insulation for a more affordable price. Both types can be filled with argon gas for added efficiency. At Window Service Houston, we offer both triple and double pane window installation options, tailored to your needs and budget.

Energy Star Rated Windows and Doors: Eco-Friendly Choices in Houston, Texas

All of our windows and doors meet the Energy Star requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency. This ensures that our window and door replacement options are not just energy-efficient but are also better for the planet. Whether you’re in Houston, Texas, Window Service Houston is committed to offering eco-friendly window and door solutions.

Houston Window Installation and Door Installation: Get the Best with Window Service Houston

When it comes to top-quality Houston window installation and Houston door installation, including options for entry doors and sliding glass doors, Window Service Houston stands as the window company you can trust. Our commitment to great job performance and energy-efficient options is unrivaled among window replacement companies and replacement companies in Houston. Whether you’re looking to replace existing windows or need a new window installed, we offer a free quote without the pressure sales tactics. Our team specializes in updating old windows to new ones that meet today’s standards for energy efficiency and durability. With America’s choice windows among our offerings, we’re the window installation company and window replacement company that aims to set the standard for quality in the Greater Houston area.

Glass Options for Windows and Doors in Houston, TX: Clear, Frosted, Tinted, and More

Clear Glass Windows: A Timeless Choice for Window Replacement in Houston

Clear glass is the most traditional option and provides an unobstructed view and maximum natural light. Perfect for any room, clear glass complements new window replacement or existing windows that need a replacement in Houston, Texas. They are also compatible with various window types, like bay windows or sliding glass windows.

Frosted Glass Windows: Elevate Privacy with Window Installation in Houston

Frosted glass is highly recommended for areas where privacy is important without sacrificing light. This glass option is great for bathrooms and windows that are close to the ground in Houston, TX. Our window installation companies can set these up in a timely manner, ensuring you feel at ease in your own home.

Tinted Glass Windows: Energy-Efficient and Stylish Window Replacement Houston

Tinted glass helps reduce heat gain, making it an energy-efficient choice for sunny Houston, Texas. Especially useful in high-rise apartments and homes that get a lot of direct sunlight, tinted glass can lower your energy bill. As one of the best window replacement companies in Houston, we offer a wide range of tint options that adhere to the energy-efficient guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Obscure Glass Windows: Aesthetic and Functional Houston Window Installation

Obscure glass options provide both privacy and a unique design element. These are especially useful in specialty windows like glass showers or smaller windows near doors in Houston, TX. Our team of professional window installers handles the entire window installation process, ensuring that the glass is properly installed according to local Houston regulations and building codes.

Decorative Glass Windows: Customizable Flair for Replacement Windows and Replacement Doors in Houston

If you’re looking for something extra special, decorative glass offers a customizable flair to your home in Houston. Available in a variety of patterns and colors, decorative glass is ideal for homeowners who want their new windows or replacement doors to be a focal point. Our excellent work ensures that the installation process is handled professionally in Houston, TX, and our customer reviews reflect our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

Privacy Glass Windows: Control Your Space with Houston Window Installation

Privacy glass is another excellent option for those who want to keep prying eyes out, particularly useful for bedroom and bathroom window replacement in Houston. This glass type allows you to control the transparency level. Our window installation services in Houston include providing you with a free quote, so you can make an informed decision about your window replacement cost.

Residential Window and Door Contractors in Houston, TX: Certifications and Brands

When it comes to residential window replacement in Houston, Texas, choosing the right brand is essential for the longevity, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of your windows and doors. At Window Service Houston, we specialize in window installation and door replacement, offering a carefully curated selection of trusted brands to meet diverse customer needs.

Andersen Windows: The Epitome of Durability in Houston Window Installation

As a leading Houston window replacement company, we are proud to offer Andersen windows known for their strong, durable materials. If you’re located in Houston or along the Gulf Coast, and require windows and doors that can withstand hurricane-prone conditions, Andersen’s energy-efficient replacement windows should be on your list. They offer a lifetime warranty, assuring you of their quality.

Pella Windows: A Synthesis of Style and Functionality for Houston Residents

For those in Houston seeking a blend of design and functionality in window and door replacement, Pella offers a variety of styles. These range from traditional to modern, perfectly complementing your home’s decor, be it in your living room or kitchen. Their excellent customer service provides all the information you need for a successful window installation in Houston, TX.

Marvin Windows: Custom Window Designs Meet Energy Efficiency in Houston, Texas

Marvin specializes in custom window and door designs, tailored to your specific needs in Houston. Whether you’re aiming for better outdoor lighting or looking to improve your bathroom vanities, their energy-efficient replacement windows and doors are perfect for the hot, humid climate of Houston.

Milgard: Affordable Window Replacement Houston Residents Love

For those in Houston, TX on a budget, Milgard offers affordable window and door replacement without sacrificing quality. Their range of vinyl replacement windows comes with a limited warranty and energy-efficient features suitable for the unique Houston climate.

JELD-WEN: Versatile Window and Door Designs for Every Room in Houston Homes

JELD-WEN offers windows and doors that fit every room of your Houston home, from the kitchen to the living room. Their various grid patterns and frame colors provide the design flexibility you crave, and their price transparency sets them apart as a trusted brand for window and door installation in Houston.

Simonton: Windows and Doors for the Modern World in Houston, TX

Simonton windows and doors are ideal for those in Houston seeking a modern design with high energy efficiency. Their products come with Low-E Glass and Argon Gas Filled options, making them ideal replacements for Houston’s subtropical climate.

Certifications That Vouch for Our Residential Window and Door Replacement Services in Houston, Texas

When you’re choosing a window and door replacement contractor in Houston, TX, certifications offer an added layer of trust. Our company’s reputation is built on several foundational certifications, including:

  • Licensed, Insured, and Bonded: We are a licensed, insured, and bonded window and door replacement company in Houston. When you request a free assessment or an estimate for residential window installation or door replacement, you can trust that you’re dealing with professionals.

  • BBB Accredited with a High Rating: Our Houston-based company has earned BBB Accreditation thanks to our commitment to quality and customer service in window and door replacement.

  • NARI Certified for Excellence: We are NARI Certified in Houston, meeting the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s rigorous standards for window and door replacement and installation services.


Transparent Financing Options in Houston, Texas for Window Replacement and Door Replacement

We understand the financial commitment involved in window and door replacements in Houston, TX. That’s why Window Service Houston offers a no-obligation estimate and flexible payment plans for your home improvement needs. Whether it’s window installation or door installation in Houston, we accept credit cards and provide multiple financing options, including 0% APR and low-interest rates. Our transparent financing options help homeowners in the greater Houston area achieve their vision without pressure sales tactics.

10+ Years of Local Experience in Window Replacement and Door Replacement Services in Houston

Window Service Houston brings over a decade of local experience in Houston window replacement and door replacement services to the Houston, Texas area. Specializing in both window installations and door installations, we offer energy-efficient options like double-hung windows, single-hung windows, and sliding glass doors. Our work quality goes the extra mile to ensure you choose the right windows and doors, perfect for Houston’s unique climate and building codes.

Highly Positive Customer Reviews and Testimonials for Window Service Houston in Window and Door Installations

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority for every window replacement or door replacement in Houston. Offering amazing customer service from the moment we provide a free in-home quote, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. Many of our window and door installation projects in Houston can often be completed in just one day, and each review we receive reflects our commitment to quality and customer service.

Various Services Offered by Window Service Houston: A Customer-Centric Approach in Houston, TX

In addition to window and door replacement services, Window Service Houston also offers a range of other home services, including window repair and maintenance, as well as siding services in the Houston area. Whether you’re looking to replace outdated windows with new, energy-efficient ones or seeking door replacement options, our window installers ensure you’re completely satisfied. From custom window designs tailored for specific needs like outdoor lighting or bathroom vanities to bay windows and impact-resistant windows, we aim to be your go-to for all window and door needs in Houston, Texas.

Window Service Houston Customer Testimonials

Here is a Review of our business regarding the quality, style & more of our products in Texas

The Window Replacement Houston TX & Door Installation Services team did an excellent job installing new windows and French doors in our home. They were professional, efficient, and left the workspace clean. As true professionals, they communicated well throughout the process. I highly recommend their services.
Vanessa D.
Houston, TX
I recently used Window Replacement Houston, TX, & Door Installation Services for a window replacement project at my home. Their team was knowledgeable, efficient, and provided excellent customer service. They installed hurricane windows that have made a massive difference in our Houston home. I'm thrilled with the results and would highly recommend them to other Houston homeowners.
Sarah M.
Houston, TX
Window Replacement Houston TX & Door Installation Services installed new doors, including front doors, at our retail store, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Their team was professional and efficient. The new doors have improved both the security and appearance of our store. Their expertise as a window company was evident throughout the project.
Janet S.
Houston, TX
We had our front door replaced by Window Replacement Houston TX & Door Installation Services, and we couldn't be happier with the results. The new door has significantly improved our home's curb appeal, and their team of window professionals was a pleasure to work with. They managed to replace windows in a professional manner, ensuring our home's security.
Mark F.
Pearland, TX
Our office building needed new windows and advanced window products, and Window Replacement Houston, TX, & Door Installation Services delivered. Their team was professional, timely, and provided top-quality work. We're very pleased with the outcome and how they handled our home improvement project.
David L.
Humble, TX
We used Window Replacement Houston, TX, & Door Installation Services for a window replacement project at our office building. The team was knowledgeable, professional, and completed the project on time. They made sure to replace windows that needed attention and install a new door for added security. We're very satisfied with their services
Eve W.
Mission Bend, TX

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