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Every home and commercial establishment in Houston has a unique story and a distinct flavor. Capturing this essence requires a diverse array of solutions. At Window Service Houston, our door services not only adapt to the architectural variations of Houston, TX, but also ensure that every new door complements the essence of the place. Our family-owned business, recognized by many as the “door doctor,” crafts each installation process with meticulous care, providing custom designed doors to suit specific requirements.


Entry Door Installation

The beauty of entry doors lies in their warm, welcoming vibe. Our installations ensure that these doors stand as the perfect introduction to your space. Using our door replacement expertise, we've done a fantastic job installing these essential barriers at numerous establishments around Oak Rd. and Spring, TX. Each door we set up tells a tale, reflecting the southern front aesthetic, resonant with the Houston, Texas spirit.

Impact Door Installation

Protection meets aesthetics with impact doors. Designed for strength, they shield against external forces while maintaining a polished look. While these exterior doors are resilient, they don’t compromise on style. From the free quote stage to the end of the door repair or replacement, our commitment to a great experience for our clients is unwavering. The information visit to your property ensures we get every detail right.

Patio Door Installation

Open up to nature’s beauty with elegant patio doors. These installations blur the lines between indoor comfort and outdoor tranquility. Offering a seamless blend of design and functionality, our team has a reputation for doing a fantastic job installing these transitions between spaces. As you explore your options, consider the added value and aesthetic appeal that custom designed doors from our collection can bring.

Hurricane Protection Door Installation

Houston’s weather can be unpredictable. Our hurricane protection doors stand firm against nature’s fury, offering peace of mind to residents. We understand the unique challenges posed by Houston, Texas's climate, and our door services are tailored to address these challenges. Combining aesthetics with robust functionality, every door installation we undertake is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Front Door Installation

The front facade speaks volumes about a property. With our installations, front doors become more than just an entrance; they’re a statement. Whether it's a grand southern front entrance in Spring, TX, or a modern minimalist door in Houston, TX, we ensure that our door replacement and repair services capture your property's unique essence. Dive into our wide array of choices and find the perfect fit for your establishment.

Essential Door Services We Offer in Houston, TX

While our core expertise lies in providing unmatched window and door installation services, our dedication to catering to the varied needs of our Houston clientele has led us to expand our offerings. We pride ourselves as one of the leading door installation companies in the region, and here’s how we do more than just installing doors for residential and commercial spaces.


Houston Door Repair

Every door faces wear and tear; sometimes, adverse conditions or accidents can lead to damage. Our dedicated Houston door installation team installs and is skilled in repairing all door types. Whether it's a minor hinge issue or a significant structural problem, we ensure your door functions perfectly, enhancing safety and aesthetics.

Custom Door Installation

Standard doors don't fit every design vision. Recognizing the unique architectural tastes of our clients, we offer custom door installation services. From designing a door that complements your home's style to installing it with precision, our door installation Houston service tailors the experience to your individual needs.

Emergency Door Installation Services

Unforeseen circumstances can lead to immediate door replacements. Whether a break-in, a natural calamity, or just an accident, our door installation Houston team is ready to assist, ensuring that your property is secure and safe without having to wait.


Houston’s diverse weather can take a toll on doors. We ensure that every door installation project in Jennings benefits from our top-notch weatherproofing services. Our treatments guarantee that your door withstands the test of time and Houston's varied weather.

Energy Efficiency and Security Audits

A door plays a crucial role in maintaining the energy efficiency of a space and its security. With our comprehensive audits, we assess the energy performance and security of your doors. This essential service blends our technical know-how with a commitment to ensuring a comfortable, secure environment for our clients.

Door Hardware Installation

The right hardware enhances a door's functionality and beauty. As a comprehensive door installation company, we offer a range of door hardware options and ensure they are installed with precision, elevating the door’s overall performance.

Screen Door Installation

Enjoy the Houston breeze without the bugs. Our screen door installations are perfect for those looking to merge indoor comfort with the beauty of the outdoors. Fitted by local pros in Houston, our screen doors are a blend of durability and style.

Pet Door Installation

Your furry friends deserve easy access, too! Our pet door installation service ensures your pets can move in and out with ease, all while ensuring the main door's functionality and security aren't compromised.

Soundproof Door Installation

Whether for a home office, a commercial space or just added privacy, our soundproof door installations provide a barrier against unwanted noise. Experience tranquility in bustling Houston with doors that keep the noise out.

Boosting Home Security with Our Premium Door Features in Houston

A deadbolt is a strong, unique locking mechanism that provides an additional security layer. Unlike standard locks, deadbolts are harder to pick or force open. When you opt for our deadbolts installation, you’re choosing a top-tier, high-quality protection layer for your home or business.

Embrace the future of home security with our smart locks. These locks allow keyless entry and can often be controlled remotely via a smartphone. By incorporating smart lock installation into your Houston property, you benefit from modern technology’s convenience and enhanced security.

Door chains and sliders offer an extra moment to verify who’s at your door without fully opening it. It’s a simple yet effective tool to enhance safety. Our team ensures that these high-quality features are installed accurately, giving you peace of mind every time you answer the door.

Gone are the days of guessing who’s knocking. Peepholes and door viewers give you a clear view of who’s outside. Our peepholes and door viewer installation service ensures that you have this essential, premium security feature integrated seamlessly into your door.

The strength of a door is not just in its lock but also in its frame. A reinforced door frame provides added resistance against forced entries. Our reinforced door frame installation in Houston equips your space with a formidable barrier against potential intruders.

Glass doors can be beautiful but may seem vulnerable. Not anymore. Our shatterproof glass doors are designed to withstand impacts, ensuring beauty without compromising on safety. With our shatterproof glass door installation, you get the elegance of glass combined with top-notch security.

Security is amplified when there are multiple barriers to breach. Installing doors with multiple lock points means there are several locking mechanisms spread out on the door, making unauthorized entry even more challenging. Trust in our multiple lock points installation to make your Houston property a fortress of safety.


Elevate Your Houston Space with Our Premium Door Materials

Wood Doors Installation

Wooden doors have long been celebrated for their classic beauty and natural warmth. When you choose a wooden door, you're opting for a timeless design that complements both traditional and modern aesthetics. Entrust your Houston door installation project to us, and we'll ensure you get a high-quality, premium wooden door.

Fiberglass Doors Installation

Fiberglass doors masterfully combine durability with style. They resist warping and rot, making them a cost-effective choice that requires minimal maintenance. With our Houston door installation service, you can be assured of a superior-grade fiberglass door that mirrors natural wood.

Aluminum Doors Installation

Aluminum doors are lightweight yet robust, promising longevity without compromising on aesthetics. Their rust-resistant property makes them an excellent choice for humid climates or coastal areas. For your door installation Houston project, consider our high-quality aluminum doors that are both functional and stylish.

Composite Doors Installation

Composite doors blend various materials to offer the best of all worlds: strength, insulation, and beauty. They are designed to overcome common flaws found in single-material doors. Rely on our door installation service in Houston for a top-notch composite door that stands up to wear, tear, and weather, ensuring your home remains secure and stylish.

Steel Doors Installation

If security tops your list, steel doors are hard to beat. They provide unmatched strength and can also be insulated for energy efficiency. With our door installation team in Houston, you can upgrade your safety quotient with our premium steel doors.

About Window Service Houston

At the heart of Texas lies Window Service Houston, a name synonymous with exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled service. While our name hints at windows, those in the know in Houston recognize the exceptional touch our team brings to the world of doors, from seamless installations to artful replacements.

Why Choose Our Doors and Expert Installers

Houston is a melting pot of traditions, styles, and needs. To serve such a diverse clientele, a company needs more than just expertise; it also requires a passion for excellence and a commitment to understanding individual requirements. And that’s where our team stands out. We listen, understand, and then implement, ensuring that every installation captures the essence of Houston’s spirit and the client’s vision.

We Proudly Serve Houston, TX, and Its Neighboring Areas in Texas

While our heart belongs to Houston, our service knows no bounds. Committed to making every corner of Houston and its suburbs shine brighter with our installations, we’re proud to serve:

  • Downtown Houston
  • River Oaks
  • Sugar Land
  • The Woodlands
  • Pearland
  • Cypress
  • Spring Branch
  • Bellaire
  • Kingwood
  • Clear Lake

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The benefits of Houston Door Installation

When doors swing open, they welcome guests, opportunities, and a myriad of experiences. But, over time, doors wear out, losing their charm and efficiency. Choosing to replace them is not just about aesthetics but also functionality, safety, and energy conservation. From the moment one invests in a new door, the transformation in curb appeal and the home’s security becomes evident. In places like Houston, TX, where the climate can be challenging, having quality windows and doors is paramount for home protection and energy conservation.

Boosted Energy Efficiency

Contemporary entry doors offer better insulation properties, ensuring homes stay warm in the winter and cool during Houston’s notorious summers. As the door services industry has evolved, so has the emphasis on creating products that offer excellent service in energy conservation. The investment in a front door or even french doors can ultimately reduce energy bills, offering both aesthetic and functional rewards.

Augmented Security

Advanced impact doors are designed to withstand external pressures, providing an additional layer of security against potential break-ins. Ensuring your home's security with an exterior door that stands strong against unwelcome intruders is a top priority. Our team, often referred to as the "door doctor" by satisfied clients, specializes in both door repair and replacement, ensuring Houston, Texas, homeowners feel secure.

Aesthetic Upgrades

Modern patio doors redefine the beauty of any space, offering stunning designs that seamlessly blend with varying architectural styles. When aiming to enhance the curb appeal of a home, turning to custom designed doors can make a significant difference. With a wide selection available, from front doors to french doors, there's an option for every aesthetic preference.


For areas prone to hurricanes, having hurricane protection doors isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. These doors are built to combat Houston's occasionally unforgiving weather. With unpredictable weather events in Houston, TX, ensuring that installations can withstand even the toughest conditions becomes an essential part of the door replacement process.

Home Value Enhancement

A brand-new front door can significantly uplift a home's market value, making it an excellent investment for homeowners considering selling in the near future. From past projects, it's evident that a door's aesthetic and functional value contribute significantly to its overall property value. So, while one might seek a door repair, sometimes opting for a new door installation promises a greater return on investment.

Smooth Functionality

Say goodbye to creaky hinges and stubborn doors. New installations promise effortless operations for years. The fantastic job of installing quality doors ensures that every entrance and exit is a seamless experience. Homeowners can enjoy the tranquility that comes with smooth-functioning doors, enhancing daily life's comfort.

Customization Options of Window

From materials to designs, modern installations offer myriad customization options, ensuring that each door reflects the homeowner’s personality. Whether one desires the elegance of french doors or the sturdiness of a garage door, our family-owned business in Houston, Texas, ensures customer satisfaction with each project.

UV Resistance

With new installations, homes can benefit from doors with UV-resistant properties, ensuring the longevity of interiors and reducing the harmful effects of UV rays. Given the intense sun in areas like Spring, TX, and post oak regions, it's vital to prioritize UV resistance. By offering free estimates and detailed information, homeowners can make an informed choice about the best doors to fit their needs.

Frequently Asked questions About Door Installation

Houston’s ever-evolving skyline brings an array of questions about door installations. We’ve gathered the most frequently posed queries to aid our esteemed clientele. Those in Spring, TX, and surrounding areas know the importance of having doors installed right the first time. If you’re searching for top-rated door contractors in the Houston area, our team is renowned for their skill in door installation in Houston, TX. For more information, visit our detailed guides and resources online.


Beyond the evident aesthetic uplift, door replacements enhance energy efficiency, security, and property value. Having your door replacement done by our esteemed door installers ensures a job well done the first time. In Houston, Texas, many homeowners have trusted our installers for this crucial task. For further information, visit our dedicated section on this topic.

Most installations are completed within a day. However, customized solutions might extend the timeline. If you’re based in Spring, TX, or any part of the Houston metropolitan area, you’re in luck! Rely on our door installers for swift and impeccable service throughout the region.

Absolutely. Our confidence in our work reflects in the warranties we offer. With our team’s consistent track record, even those in Spring, TX, have sung praises of our door repair and installation commitment. Residents in Houston, Texas, can be assured of our rating and dedication.

Given Houston’s unique weather, materials like fiberglass and steel are popular for their durability and insulation properties. Those in Spring, TX, too, have felt the benefits of our recommendations. Our Houston door experts suggest materials best suited for our city’s climate, ensuring maximum lifespan and efficiency.

Yes, we provide flexible financing solutions to ensure that budget constraints don’t hamper dreams. Whether you’re from Houston, TX, or Spring, TX, our financing solutions are designed with you in mind. Being the go-to door contractor in the region, we’re well aware of the diverse financial needs of our community.

Certainly! Our portfolio spans both residential and commercial installations. Whether it’s a bustling enterprise in Houston or a cozy cafe in Spring, TX, local businesses trust our door installers for quality solutions.

Our expert consultants guide clients through the selection process, considering aesthetics, functionality, and budget. Whether it’s your first time selecting a door in Houston, TX, or you’re revisiting choices, we’ve got you covered. With our unmatched rating in the region, satisfaction is a guarantee.

A well-maintained door can last decades. However, external factors and frequent use might necessitate earlier replacements. Especially in busy hubs like Houston or growing areas like Spring, TX, doors face wear and tear. In such regions, the need for door repair or even replacement might arise sooner, and we stand ready to assist.

We specialize in both installations and replacements, ensuring that Houston’s doors are always in top form. Whether it’s a minor door repair or a significant replacement, residents from Houston to Spring, TX, can vouch for our team’s unmatched expertise in ensuring every door installed meets exacting standards.

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"Being a homeowner in River Oaks, I always seek perfection. Window Service Houston transformed my home’s entrance with their immaculate installation. Their expertise is evident in every detail."
Owen Q.
River Oaks, Houston, TX
"Our office in Downtown Houston needed a makeover. Window Service Houston delivered beyond expectations, making our entrance stand out in the business district."
Troy P.
Main St, Downtown Houston, TX

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