Door Styles in Houston TX

Door styles Houston TX

Your front door says a lot about you and your home. Choose a door style that complements your aesthetic and fits your lifestyle.

From the upscale River Oaks to quirky Houston Heights, Houston has many different architectural styles. This is reflected in the custom design steel doors that can be seen throughout the city.


The classic colonial style is still a popular design choice among homeowners. Although newer styles are making their way into homes, basic renovations and upgrades like this have tremendous staying power.

This home style is symmetrical and features an entry door that’s centered within the façade of the house. Windows on either side of the entrance are multi-paned and often decorated with shutters in contrasting colors. These homes also typically have pitched roofs to match the symmetry of their architecture.

This design approach is ideal for a traditional or historic home, but it can also be used with Mediterranean or European Countryside architectural styles. It’s a timeless design that can be easily modified with modern materials for a more contemporary look. This style is one of the most popular options for steel doors Houston TX customers choose to install in their homes.

Old World

Rustic wood entry doors, a trend that is gaining popularity in Houston, are ideal for homes with traditional or farmhouse architecture. These doors are solid, and feature anywhere from two to six panels. Some are designed with eye-catching iron ornaments and embellishments that are inspired by historical European designs. They add a substantial feel to any home. They can also be combined with sidelights to let in more light, which is perfect for a cozy foyer. Designer Jennifer Hamelet, founder of Mirador Builders, recently built a European-style estate in River Oaks that incorporated Old World door styles. The estate also features reclaimed antique French tile in the primary suite.


Modern doors can fit a variety of household styles, and it’s important to choose the right door for your home. These doors usually have a contemporary feel and are made with materials that resist dents and scratches for years to come. These doors are often crafted with glass or frosted panes and have horizontal and vertical lines that work well with modern homes.

Contemporary front and interior doors rely on clean architectural lines, neutral colors, and a sense of open space. These doors may include additions such as panel windows or combined wood species, grooves, and multi-horizontal light panels.

From Mid-century charmers in River Oaks to new construction in Memorial Bend, Houston’s residential architecture reflects many architectural styles. Accent your home’s style with a custom designed front entry steel or wrought iron door from Cantera Doors.


With its year-round warm weather and thriving economy, Houston is a popular place to live. Homeowners in this city often look to enhance their homes with modern and contemporary features, including front doors.

Modern front doors feature clean lines and minimal hardware to create a sleek aesthetic. They can be made of fiberglass, steel, wood or a stylish combination of all three.

Adding glass elements to your entry door opens up the space, brings in natural light and lets you enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. You can even get a glass door that matches your windows for a seamless look.

Depending on the color, your front door can make a statement that’s calming or energizing. You can also choose a door with a unique pattern to add a splash of personality.

Double Entry

The front door of your home welcomes family and friends and enchants passersby. It also adds security and energy efficiency to your home. When you invest in a new front door, you want it to express your personal style and fit your home’s architectural design. Whether you live in a ranch house in Memorial Bend or a modern two-story beauty in the Heights, there’s a double entry door that will complement your home’s unique aesthetic.

Craftsman-style doors feature a dentil shelf that runs along the edge of the door frame, adding character and visual appeal to your home. This design works well with Mission, Bungalow or Transitional-style architecture. The clean simple lines and warm fir graining of these fiberglass entry doors emphasize handcrafted originality.