Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows Houston TX

Energyefficient windows Houston TX

With long, hot Texas summers paired with high humidity, many homeowners struggle to keep their homes comfortable. Energy efficient windows can help.

ENERGY STAR qualified windows are made with quality frame materials that prevent heat transfer and reduce air conditioning costs. They also have low-E glass that reduces UV rays and keeps interior furnishings from fading. They use warm-edge spacers and argon or krypton gases between the panes to insulate.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

One of the most obvious benefits of Energy-efficient windows Houston TX is the reduction in your energy bills. If you are tired of adjusting the thermostat to avoid skyrocketing power costs and want to stay comfortable, consider upgrading your current single-pane windows in rotting wood frames with Energy Star-certified double-pane replacement windows.

Depending on the size of your home and its existing window configuration, you can save anywhere from 12% to 45% on your utility bills with new Energy-efficient windows. However, it is recommended that you consult a window expert or use an online calculator to determine your potential savings.

The ENERGY STAR label is a widely recognized symbol of quality, credibility and sustainability. When shopping for ENERGY STAR-certified replacement windows, make sure that they meet the following requirements:

Keep the Warmth in

If you live in a hot climate, you want to keep as much heat in your home as possible. Energy-efficient windows can help you do just that. They feature more insulation than conventional windows, which helps prevent outdoor temperatures from creeping in and battling with your air conditioning system. In addition, you can also choose double and triple pane windows to add even more insulation.

Milgard offers a number of glass options that are ready to take on the Texas sun, including Low-E insulating glass. This type of glass has a coating that reduces the amount of UV rays entering your home, which in turn reduces carpet, furniture, and wall damage.

Choosing the right window depends on your specific home, your heating and cooling needs, and your lifestyle. We recommend looking for windows that meet the NFRC energy efficiency standards set by Energy Star. This includes examining the U-factor and SHGC ratings. A lower number means the window resists heat better, which can significantly cut your energy bills.

Reduce Your Air Conditioning Costs

The recent weather patterns in Texas have made energy efficiency more important than ever before. The high temperatures can cause your air conditioning to work harder than it should. This can result in higher utility bills. Energy efficient windows can help reduce your cooling costs during the summer.

Lower quality windows allow sun rays to pass through directly and warm up your home. This can make you feel hotter even though the temperature outside is unchanged. Energy efficient windows have a specialized coating that reflects the ultraviolet rays. This can keep your furniture, fabrics, and paintings from fading or getting damaged over time.

Upgrading to ENERGY STAR certified windows can reduce your heating and cooling costs by an average of 12% nationwide. This can save you up to $101-$583 per year in utility costs. The amount you will save will depend on the climate in your area and the type of window you replace. Replacing single-pane windows with double-pane windows will produce the greatest savings.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The windows in your home form the first barrier against the elements. Keeping your windows in good condition helps prevent outside temperatures from intruding on your home and increases the efficiency of your heating or cooling systems.

Replacing your windows with energy efficient ones will help reduce your energy bills while adding value to your home. Energy-efficient windows are a great selling point for buyers and can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value.

Aside from the financial benefits of new energy-efficient windows, they also offer peace and quiet by reducing outside noise. Energy efficient windows Houston TX come in a variety of style options, so you can find the right one for your home.