Window Replacement Houston TX

Window replacement Houston TX

Window replacement Houston TX offers energy-efficient windows. Its representatives are happy to discuss the advantages of installing these eco-conscious windows. According to the Department of Energy, heat or cool air lost through traditional, outdated windows could account for up to 30% of residential energy climate control usage.

The company also conducts repairs and refinishing services for exterior doors. Its experts can replace rusty hinges, repair broken door handles and fix leaking or foggy windows.

Energy Efficiency

Getting new windows can significantly enhance the home’s value, increase energy efficiency and make it look better. But before you hire a company, it’s important to do your homework and research its reputation. Ask if it has good reviews and testimonials, as well as a list of past clients.

Window World of Houston is an industry-leading residential home improvement contractor that specializes in window and door installation. The company offers a variety of window types, including energy efficient models that reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. They also feature limited openings, which help in keeping the interior of the house cool.

Heat or cool air lost through traditional windows contributes to up to 30% of residential energy climate control usage. To reduce energy bills, homeowners should choose windows that are highly insulated. These include double- or triple-pane windows. They can be made from a range of materials, including vinyl, fiberglass and wood. The company also carries impact-resistant windows designed for homes located in hurricane zones.


Having a long-lasting window is critical to home energy efficiency and value. The Department of Energy estimates that heat and cool air lost through old windows could account for up to 30% of residential energy climate control usage. A reliable window installation company can help you find eco-conscious solutions for your Houston home.

The best window installation companies will have an established local reputation and a track record of success installing various types of windows. They will also offer a warranty that covers products, parts, and workmanship. To ensure that you choose the right window installer for your project, check online feedback from other homeowners and local references.

The local team at AJ Glass & Window Repair LLC repairs and installs aluminum and vinyl windows. It also replaces decorative glass, tinted glass, and single- or double-pane insulated windows. Its technicians can also replace and fix storefront doors. The business has been in operation for more than a decade.


The style of your windows can greatly affect the functionality and appearance of a home. It can also influence the comfort and security of your property. It is important to find a local window installation company that offers the style you want, and provides quality products and services.

Guardian Windows is a locally-owned company that offers a variety of window and door designs for residential units. Its windows are designed to reduce energy consumption and outside noise, and add an extra layer of protection against intruders. Its doors are made from steel, aluminum, or vinyl composite constructions.

The company serves Houston and the surrounding area. It specializes in residential window and door installations, and performs cleanups and inspections. Its team also carries and installs awning and sliding windows, as well as French doors and entry doors. It is an Energy Star partner and carries a range of energy-efficient windows. It also carries fiberglass, vinyl, and wood sidings for homes.


If your windows are old and damaged, they can impact the way your home looks and how much energy it consumes. The Department of Energy states that heat and cool air loss through traditional windows can account for 25-30% of residential energy climate control usage. This is why replacing your windows with ENERGY STAR certified ones is a smart idea.

Window Nation is an Energy Star partner and offers a wide range of energy-efficient options. Its products are double-paned and include Low-E glass to minimize UV light while maximizing efficiency. The space between the two panes is filled with argon gas to help prevent frost and insulate against cold weather.

The company also provides a variety of accessories to complement your new windows. These can include window shutters and custom-made shades that can protect your furniture and artwork from the sun’s harmful rays. These accessories can add a touch of personality to your home. The company can also assist with the installation of sliding doors and French doors.