How to Choose Door Styles for Houston TX Homes

Your front door welcomes family and friends, enchants passersby, and helps protect your home from the heat and rain. Whether you live in a traditional mansion in River Oaks or a mid-century charmer in Memorial Bend, a front door is a major design decision.

Front doors with glass easily let in natural light to brighten dark entryways. Choose from clear or decorative glass to complement your home’s style.


The right front door can elevate your home’s aesthetic and make a lasting impression on guests. From classic mahogany doors to rustic country doors, Southern Front Doors has many different options that can complement your traditional Houston house.

Houston’s humid subtropical climate can cause damage to wooden doors, but Pella offers durable wood entry doors that are designed for the local weather conditions. These doors have floating panels to adjust to springtime winds, and hardware dowels add strength for added security.

For a more modern look, try a steel or fiberglass front door. These low maintenance doors are characterized by clean lines and minimal hardware. They also pair well with contemporary homes, from the mansions of River Oaks to the quirky houses in the Heights.


Whether you live in a contemporary home in River Oaks or an urban-style condo in the Houston Heights, your front door can set the tone for your entire house. You can choose a modern entry door that matches your style and complements your home’s design with an eye-catching color, pattern or material.

Glass elements add light to your front entryway and are often a signature element in contemporary homes. Choose a single window panel in the door, sidelights on either or both sides, or an overhead transom window to let natural light flood your home’s entranceway.

Fiberglass is a popular choice for contemporary doors, as it’s durable and resists warping in Houston’s extreme heat and humidity. You can also choose a front screen door1 for extra ventilation in warmer months.


Many homeowners prefer the throwback look of wood doors, and they also provide a premium feel to homes. Wood doors can be stained to match any color and have numerous design details for a truly custom look.

They are great insulators and can be made in a variety of finishes to complement your home’s style. However, they are prone to swelling and warping in humid climates and need regular maintenance.

For those who want the elegance of a traditional door but don’t want to deal with the constant upkeep, fiberglass front doors are an excellent option. They resist dents and scratches, and they can hold up against Houston’s hot summer temperatures. They are available in a wide range of styles to suit any modern, mid-century, or contemporary home.


The beauty of black doors is that they’re a timeless choice, no matter what your home’s style. Whether you live in the mansions of River Oaks or the row houses of the Houston Heights, these doors will look beautiful and blend in perfectly with your home’s architecture. They’re also very durable and can stand up to Houston’s extreme summer heat beautifully.

Having black steel doors at home can increase the value of your house. They’re easy to find in shops and can be customized according to your requirements. Moreover, they give you security and add a custom look to your house that will change its overall structure. Hence, they’re a great investment for your home and office. Buy them soon and enjoy their benefits for a long time.

Bold Colors

Texans don’t shy away from bold paint colors, and a front door is an ideal place to experiment. Colors like blue and yellow compliment each other beautifully and give your home a bold look that will draw attention from passersby.

Cool tones like sea foam and teal are popular among homeowners, but you can also opt for a more serene navy hue or even a pale gray. These shades are calm and soothing, and they pair well with white shingle homes or hacienda styles.

You may be a fan of the classics, but you’re hardly traditional with your glossy red or china blue door. You’re a real patriot, and you appreciate elegance with a dose of practicality. You keep a bar cart stocked with martinis, and you love a good laugh.