How to Choose Front Entry Doors in Houston TX

Front entry doors Houston TX

Changing out your front door can elevate your home’s aesthetic and boost its resale value. There are several factors to consider before you purchase a new front door for your Houston-area home.

Moisture-laden air, strong winds, and saltwater spray from the Gulf of Mexico can cause ordinary entry doors to look worn before their time. Choose a durable front door that can withstand these elements and still look beautiful.


Fiberglass is a man-made material that can be found in swimming pools, shower doors, surfboards, and a wide variety of exterior automobile parts. It is made of glass fibers woven together and then covered in a resin matrix that gives it strength, durability, and flexibility. The resulting product is much lighter than steel and can be molded into more complex shapes. It is also resistant to corrosion, which makes it ideal for use in areas exposed to water or chemicals.

When it comes to entry doors, fiberglass is a great choice because it resists dents and scratches better than other materials and can be repainted easily if the need arises. It is also very energy-efficient, as it can insulate your home five times more effectively than other doors. Additionally, it is easy to install weather stripping around fiberglass doors to limit airflow and maximize energy efficiency.

PlastPro’s innovative fiberglass front doors are crafted with hydroshield technology, which offers an integrated system of protective features to prevent moisture and mold from forming on the surface. They include a composite doorframe that is moisture, rot, and insect proof to offer the durability of wood without its drawbacks. They also include a rugged composite stile at the top and bottom of the door to further enhance the strength, stability, and longevity of your new door.


The doorway is a focal point of your home and an important part of its curb appeal. It is also an important security feature for your family and visitors. It is best to protect your entryway from intruders with a European style door. These doors have excellent insulation and airtight seals. They can help you to keep your energy bills low. They also have multi-point locking systems which are harder to break into.

For homeowners who prefer a modern style for their entryway, you can choose a front door made from fiberglass, steel or wood or a stylish combination of these materials. These doors are easy to maintain and have a sleek appearance that will suit most modern homes. They are designed to withstand Houston’s unique weather conditions, including mild winters and hot summers.

You can further enhance the look of your entryway by choosing a door with glass elements. This may include a window panel, an overhead transom window or sidelights on one or both sides of your entrance way. These doors can allow more light into your foyer and will match the contemporary styling of your home. You can also add a screen door to your entryway. This will enable you to enjoy the warm Texas weather while keeping out pesky insects.


If you want to maintain the look of traditional front doors but are concerned with maintenance, consider a wood-look door. It offers all the benefits of a low-maintenance fiberglass front door with the style and durability of natural wood. These doors are available in a wide range of colors and stains. Pick from knotty alder, oak, mahogany, or other styles to match your entryway and home. You can also choose to add decorative glass or windows, panel formations, and carvings to customize your door.

Many homeowners today are surprised to learn that changing their entry door can dramatically elevate their home’s appearance and increase its resale value. Front doors welcome friends and family, enchant passersby, and protect your home from the sun and weather. Create a striking entrance for your modern rancher in Memorial Bend or a minimalist two-story beauty in The Woodlands with a Pella front door that fits your contemporary style.

Sometimes less is more; a Houston front door with a simple look provides all the functionality you need from a front door: Withstanding wear and tear, providing energy-efficient thermal insulation, and keeping intruders out. Whether your home is a traditional cottage in the Heights or a modern bungalow in Memorial Bend, you’ll find the perfect front door to fit your taste and budget at Houston Window Experts.