Energy Efficient Windows Houston TX

Up to 30% of your energy bill goes toward heating and cooling. Your windows play a big role in keeping your home comfortable and saving you money.

Milgard has a wide variety of window styles and options that improve the aesthetic, efficiency and value of your home. Their energy efficient windows use a combination of UV-filtering Low-E glass and insulating argon gas.

1. Low-E Glass

When it comes to energy efficiency, your windows are an important piece of the puzzle. Old, single-pane windows act as major conduits for heat transfer. During the summer, scorching outside air can creep in and cause your AC to work overtime to cool down your space. Meanwhile, warm inside air can easily escape your window, resulting in high energy bills.

The key to better energy efficiency is Low-E glass. These microscopically thin metallic coatings help to reflect both heat and UV rays. This keeps your home cooler, reduces energy bills, and protects your furniture from fading.

Whether you choose sleek Solar Control Low-E or cozy Triple-Pane, energy-efficient windows are a smart investment. They might cost more upfront, but they offer higher warranties and similar installation timelines as traditional windows. They also help you save on your energy bills, and you might even snag tax incentives. This makes them a wise choice for Houston homeowners.

2. Energy Efficient Vinyl Frames

Choosing the right window frames for your Houston TX home is an important consideration for your energy efficiency goals. Vinyl is an excellent thermal insulator that helps you reduce your utility bills by lessening the amount of air that escapes or infiltrates your residence. The best part is that this material can be molded into any design specifications to suit your unique architectural style.

When shopping for energy-efficient windows, consider the performance rating and certifications that each one carries. Look for an ENERGY STAR rating that indicates superior performance in hot Texas climates. Also pay attention to the U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient to optimize your energy efficiency efforts. These measurements indicate the extent to which your window can keep cool, conditioned air in and heat from the sun out. Lastly, look for features like Low-E glass and argon gas that further enhance your home’s energy efficiency. These additional features reduce the need for you to engage your HVAC system, which results in significant energy savings for your household.

3. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

While style is the first thing that homeowners consider when selecting windows, there are also energy ratings that will help to keep your home cool and comfortable while saving money on your energy bills. The most important of these is the SHGC, which measures how much solar heat can pass through a window.

Windows with a low SHGC will allow light into your home but will keep most of the heat from outside. This can make your home much more comfortable during the hot, humid Houston summers.

In addition to the SHGC, you should be looking for the u-factor and the visible transmittance (VT). The u-factor is a measure of the insulation value of the frame and spacer material. The VT rating is similar to the SHGC but has less to do with heat transfer and more to do with light transmittance. All of these ratings can be found on the NFRC label on your new windows.

4. Foam Filled Frames

It takes a lot of research and testing to create an energy efficient window in Houston TX. The Energy Star rating is based on two specific NFRC ratings, the U-Factor and SHGC (which shows how much solar radiation passes through).

If the windows are designed for a northern climate, their U-factor value might be low but not as good for the Texas heat. On the other hand, a SHGC of 3 or less works well in the state because it blocks out more sun’s heat.

The benefits of installing an Energy Star-certified green replacement window are many. They can keep indoor temperatures consistent, reduce energy bills, and protect your interior from harmful UV rays. They can also help lower carbon emissions, which contributes to a healthier environment and sustainable lifestyle. The cost of these new windows will likely pay for themselves with savings on your monthly energy bills. Contact Milgard to learn more about how our windows can make your home more comfortable and affordable.