Patio Doors Houston TX

Patio doors are the perfect way to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. They allow natural light and fresh air to flood your home while offering expansive views.

Choose from a wide range of styles and features to find the best patio door for your home. Whether you prefer a traditional French or sliding option, we have you covered.

French Doors

French doors are the epitome of elegance and beauty. These doors feature panes of glass that flood your living spaces with natural light, creating an open and airy aesthetic. They’re also an ideal solution to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. Moreover, they can help you avoid the UV rays that cause your furniture, carpeting, and curtains to fade.

Patio doors Houston TX are a great way to increase the amount of natural light in your home and demarcate different areas without closing them off completely. You can choose from a wide range of styles including French doors, multi-slide doors, and bi-fold doors.

If you’re thinking of installing new patio doors, make sure to find a fully vetted and FENSA approved tradesperson to carry out the work for you. The FENSA scheme ensures that your project meets all the required standards and that your doors are installed properly. To avoid any problems, always follow the installation instructions provided with the frame and doors.

Sliding Doors

Cover Glass offers a wide selection of sliding patio doors that allow you to bring the wooded mountain slopes, ochre plateaus and wide golden valleys of Texas right into your living spaces. Sliding doors have large panes of glass that open horizontally instead of swinging out or inward like traditional double doors, making them easier to operate.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

With quality materials and installation, multi-slide and bi-fold patio doors can enhance your home’s energy efficiency. When closed, these doors offer excellent insulation to maintain indoor temperatures and potentially reduce your energy bills.

Sliding doors with low-emissivity glazing can maximize natural light penetration into your interior space. This can help to brighten your interiors and give you the feeling of being in a larger space.

Hinged Doors

Hinged doors swing in and out instead of sliding on a track. They provide a more formal entrance and open wide to bring the outdoors in. They also pair well with transom windows to create a wall of glass.

Composite stiles and rails protect against water infiltration on each side to prevent rotting, splintering, and delamination while providing superior weather resistance. Fiberglass door skins mimic the look of wood and resist dents, scratches, rust, and corrosion. Standard LoE 366 insulated glass with Argon helps improve energy efficiency.

Add a modern twist to the hinged patio door with a bi-fold design. The Jeld-Wen Siteline Clad-Wood Patio Door is a combination of a hinged door and two-panel bi-fold door that maximizes natural light while providing a sleek aesthetic. This patio door also meets severe-weather standards to help you prepare for hurricanes and tornadoes. It has a double-astragal system to provide a snug closure. It also features a polyurethane foam core that is 100% CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon)-free.

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Whether you’re preparing to open up your home to the outdoors, or simply want to enjoy more natural light and fresh air, a well-chosen set of patio doors will enhance your property. They are the perfect bridge between indoors and out, and can add a sense of openness that will make your home feel larger.

French patio doors are a popular choice characterized by their large panes of glass that stretch from top to bottom. They are set on hinges and swing outward or inward to allow maximum light penetration.

Sliding patio doors are designed for easy maintenance and operation. They have wide, flat surfaces that are easy to wipe down, and come with high-performance materials that are resilient against the elements. Their strong and durable fiberglass skins resist dents and corrosion, while full-length composite edging and bottom sweeps increase water and moisture protection. They also feature multi-point locking systems and coordinating sills. Choose from a range of handleset colors to complement your decor.